Thunder Arms

ThunderArms – Gun Simulator Game – An Idle entertainment at your fingertips

Pick your favorite gun and start firing – No harms no limits.

Ropstam Game Studio proudly launched its gun simulator game for all firearms enthusiasts.

The initial version offers a thrilling experience with realistic sound effects, advance guns, and skins. Immerse yourself in shooting modes like shaking your device to fire, and explore 360-degree views and detailed gun information. Uncover your skills with a set of weapons at your disposal.

Why Our gun simulator Game?

  • Your to go to for Idle entertainment¬†
  • No Training required.
  • No license required.
  • No Need to buy real firearms.
  • Safe and harm free.
  • No need to buy bullets.
  • Can be played by all group ages.
  • Realistic Firearms experience.
  • No Space required. (In Home and in mobile)
  • Small Size
  • Launch and (10 tips)
  • No high end device is required
  • Easy of unlocking¬†
  • Play for Idle entertainment
  • Unlike real guns where you have to get trainings, our gun simulator

Upcoming Updates:

We are planning gradual updates to provide more value. Share your feedback:

Found a bug or want to add something? please reach out to us at this

Gun Types:

  • Pistols and revolvers.
  • Shotguns.
  • SMGs.
  • Assault rifles.
  • Snipers.
Gun Sound Real Gun Simulator

Skins: Change the look and feel

Got bored shooting with the same guns? We have got you covered
Find a Range of skins made by combining various patterns, textures and seasonal events like Halloween and more.

Enjoy Different Shooting modes:

 TO provide close to real shooting scenarios you can play around with what the call the shooting modes: You will find a total of 4 shooting modes. This functionality is also dependent selected gun type

  • Single fire mode
  • Burst Mode
  • Loop
  • Shake your device to shoot