Zombie Sniper

TheUndead: Zombie Sniper – Ropstam’s Latest Adrenaline-Pumping Zombie Shooter

Are you set to dive into the world of Zombie Shooting? Ropstam Game Studio, renowned for its action-packed shooting games, has released its latest action-packed game, TheUndead: Zombie Sniper. As the name suggests, this first-person shooter drops players in a post-apocalyptic world swarming with zombies. Your goal is simple – grab a sniper rifle and take out as many zombies as possible with precisely aimed headshots. 

How To Play?

Gear up for intense zombie-blasting action with these quick tips for dominating TheUndead: Zombie Sniper game.

  1. Launch TheUndead app and brace yourself as the main menu loads – the zombie apocalypse is here!
  2. Head to the weapons loadout screen and pick your preferred sniper rifle.
  3. Browse available missions on the map and select the next zombie hotspot you want to take down.
  4. Once the mission starts, use your fingers to pinch and zoom your sniper scope to get zombies perfectly framed.
  5. Hold your breath, steady your aim on the zombie’s head or weak point, and pull the trigger to blast them back to the grave!

Zombie Sniper game

Exploring Thrilling Features

Its rich features give Zombie Sniper an edge over other zombie shooters, ultimately delivering an immersive and exciting gameplay experience. Some of the key features are as follows:

1. Lag-Free Animations

The Undead: Zombie Sniper provides a smooth, real-time gameplay experience critical for fast-paced zombie-killing action. With no latency or choppiness, players can quickly scan environments and pull off precise headshots against hordes of the undead. This lag-free sniping leaves nothing interrupting users from fully immersing themselves in the intense, vivid fun.

The dramatic slow-motion sequences also enhance the cinematic flair and spectacle that makes taking down zombies supremely satisfying. Ropstam Game Studio has implemented this feature flawlessly with smooth animations and motion blur effects.

2. Background Music

TheUndead: Zombie Sniper’s atmospheric background music immerses you in the grim post-apocalyptic world, truly bringing the zombie infested wastelands to life. Haunting violin echoes and piano melodies establish a constant tone of tragedy and dread amidst the remains of fallen civilization.

3. Sniper Score Multiplier

Landing continuous headshot streaks builds up a score multiplier up to a maximum of 12x. This adds an arcade-style scoring mechanic that challenges you to not just kill zombies, but kill them with precision marksmanship while avoiding missing shots.

The higher score multiplier leads to bigger numbers popping off zombies’ heads when you land shots. This delivers immense satisfaction with the visual and audio feedback.

4. Multiple Weapons

Zombie Sniper offers an armory of weapons beyond just sniper rifles. You have assault rifles like M416 and AK-47 for when zombies come too close for comfort. Shotguns and pistols are also handy when things get too hairy.

Each weapon handles and sounds differently. The arsenal covers all ranges and scenarios – short, medium, and long. You can mix up gameplay by using different tactics with different load-outs.

5. Varied Zombies

While the core objective is scoring one-hit one-kill headshots, the zombies come in various types keeping things interesting. Some zombies are armored, requiring multiple headshots. Some sprint like rabid hellhounds. Others explode when killed at close range.

The variety forces you to adapt your shooting tactics on the fly to survive the endless zombie onslaught. Positioning and weapon switching become key.

6. Multi-Stage Levels

Zombie Sniper goes beyond just sniping from fixed spots. Scenarios throw different challenges like assaulting zombie-overrun compounds with just an AK-47 and pistol. There are also timed hostage rescue missions testing your skill under pressure.

With diverse location types and objectives, the game keeps levels feeling fresh while pushing players out of their comfort zones.

How To Master This Game?

1. Controls

The touch controls are intuitive and customizable. Move by swiping anywhere on the screen. Look around by swiping the right side of the screen. Right-side buttons control firing, switching weapons, reloading, and activating slow motion. Buttons can be resized and moved for one-handed play.

2. Modes

    • Story Campaign – Progress through stages of increasing difficulty across multiple locations that piece together a narrative context explaining the zombie outbreak.

    • Survival Mode – Fend off endless waves of zombies for as long as possible on each map to set new personal best survival times and hone your skills.

3. Powerups & Unlocks

Headshot streaks randomly award temporary upgrades during levels like extended slow motion ability duration, triple barrel machine gun damage boosts, and more.

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Step-by-step Guide to Download this Game

Zombie Sniper is free to download and play on Android and iPhone devices.

To get it directly from the Google Play Store app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your iPhone device
  2.  Search for “The Undead: Zombie Sniper”
  3. Tap on the game matched to “Ropstam Game Studio”.
  4. Tap “Install”.

Once installed, it’s time to experience the stellar virtual shooting experience and aim for high scores.


TheUndead: Zombie Sniper delivers exactly what players expect from Ropstam – top-notch gunplay with plenty of action. The sniping theme and varied modes offer deeper gameplay than typical zombie blasters while retaining that pick-up-and-play accessibility.

So ready your rifles and steady your aim – the zombie apocalypse awaits with endless waves of rotting flesh hungry for lead in their heads – it’s satisfyingly amazing. Just remember, one shot, one kill. Don’t wait, download it now and leave your feedback!