Guide to Hidden Object Games! 

Find Fun: The Ultimate Guide to Hidden Object Games! 

Hidden object games are games in which you need to find things hidden in pictures or scenes. They are very popular and enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. Such exciting games allow you to relax and have fun while searching for hidden items. This blog is a guide to Hidden Object Games, highlighting the details for creating such intuitive games.

The Beginnings of Hidden Object Games

These kinds of games have existed since the 1990s, and people still love playing them today. Even though other game types, like Match-3 games, have become more popular, hidden object games are still enjoyed by many players.

Game developers have tried to improve how these games work over the years, but they have yet to find the perfect method. Let’s try to understand how to make an interesting hidden object game.

The Allure of Hidden Object Games

Hidden object games are appealing because they let you slow down and relax, which is very different from fast-paced action games. Another great thing about these games is the atmosphere they create. Hidden object games are often for more than just computers and mobile devices. There are also versions for game consoles where you can invite your friends to join in and find hidden items together.

Creating a Hidden Object Game

Step 1: Plan the Game

The first step in creating a hidden object game is to create a document that describes how the game will work and its content, such as the number of levels, pictures, objects to find, and final parts.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Next, you need to decide on your game’s overall style and theme. Look at other successful hidden object games to ensure you don’t copy their style and theme. Collect your ideas for the game and compare them with other games. All the objects in your game should stand out to be easily distinguished.

Step 3: Develop a Story

Come up with an interesting story that will make people want to download and play your game.

Step 4: Test the First Level

Create the first level of your game and let some people who have yet to see it before testing it. All feedback must be carefully collected, and essential issues or advice must be considered at this stage.

Step 5: Improve and Expand

Once you have a working first level, continue to improve and expand on it. Don’t forget to regularly test the game with new people so you don’t stray from the right path during development.

Hidden Object Game

Advanced Options for Hidden Object Games

Exploration Space

Ensure players have enough space to explore new areas without getting stuck in tight spots.

Rooms and Zones

Create rooms, doors, and zones inside the main level. This will help divide the level into several zones or mini-games.


Always be ready to experiment by adding fresh ideas, such as new types of hidden objects or different room layouts. The best way to learn which new elements work is to test them.


Depending on the main character you choose, players can look for different types of objects. 

These items can be very different, from objects of the same color to patterns on the ceiling. 

Finding these hidden details should lead to rewards. When you create the story, make sure to make each character and their stories enjoyable for the player.

Creating an Unforgettable Game Environment

Importance of Design

When creating a game, you should understand that besides an interesting story, the player should also be interested in the design and how their actions contribute to the story’s development.

Simple Environments

The environment should be simple. A good option is to divide the environment into smaller sections for players to search. This will help players quickly figure out where they are going and what to do. However, it would help if you were careful not to make it too boring or overwhelming.

Art Style and Illustrations

Should the game have a cartoon or realistic art style? Most importantly, players can easily identify the items they need to find. You can choose to have players look for common objects like a winch, table, or cup. Players who need help figuring out which items to find quickly get frustrated and stop playing the game. Therefore, when choosing the visual elements, it’s better to define the target art style during the planning stage so all the graphic objects have the same consistent style.

In-Game Animations

Hidden object games allow you to have an exciting experience while staying in the same room for a long time. But this can also become monotonous or annoying after a while.

One way to avoid this is to create a large animated sequence that loops or repeats. This will help break up the monotony of the room.

The most common type of animation in hidden object games is when the player finds something that may be difficult to see. When you click on the object to be found, it shows a fun animation for that object. Common animations are things coming out of the scene or rotating elements until they aren’t identified as the object you’re looking for.

Animations are also often used during transitions between rooms or scenes. These can vary 

depending on the items found, screen movement, player area, and so on.

Adaptive Game Design

Screen sizes vary across all platforms and devices. This should be considered while developing the game. You don’t want to create items that can only be seen on a particular device.

Game Atmosphere

The power of hidden object games lies in their ability to relax players with their atmosphere and make them feel safe and comfortable for a long time.

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